2-8 March 2019 - By Invitation Only

Exploring Deep Principles in Nature’s Life-Friendly Chemistry

Nature is ALIVE with chemistry and India is at the leading edge of the trend towards green chemistry. How can billions of years of R&D transform “modern” industries? Come be a part of the world’s first Life-Friendly Chemistry Immersion and discover the deep principles that are evident in Nature.

Study Life-Friendly Chemistry with none other than Mark Dorfman, Principal and Biomimicry Chemist with Biomimicry 3.8. Mark is advancing the practice of developing novel solutions that are in sync with Nature.

Week at a Glance


Forsyth Lodge in Madhya Pradesh, India


This advanced immersion is for Biomimics only.

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For more information, contact Anne-Marie Daniel at NatuR&D, a Roy Group Company.