Focus on Self for Teams


Exploring Personal and Team Leadership and Development

Focus on Self for Teams provides an opportunity for a cohort of team leaders to individually and collectively reflect on their life story, philosophy of leadership and future direction in order to gain clarity on the stories they would like to create in the world around them. (See also the Focus on Self article by Ian Chisholm.)


8 hours

Enhanced by the use of a sophisticated psychometric tool that allows for a greater complexity of character, The Leader’s Spark invites each member of a team to explore and identify opportunities for raising their game. Then the learning shifts from the individual to the team, where teams learn to analyze and reflect on their shared dynamics in order to uncover the opportunities for higher functioning together.

Participants will

  • explore ways to bolster collaboration, reduce conflict and create more secure, stronger relationships;
  • develop increased personal awareness on who they are and how they show up;
  • gain insights on how their conduct and preferences make an impact on their team and organization;
  • make important choices about personal direction, conduct and practices;
  • offer, share and receive support from other leaders; and
  • construct a plan for personal and professional development moving forward.


Members of the Roy Group Team


Investment: $15,000 + GST for organizational teams with up to 15 participants; materials extra

Please contact us for more information and to book this experience for your leadership team.


Roy Group awards The Leader’s Spark digital badge as a record of course completion. The Leader’s Spark is the first of three modules required to attain the cumulative Focus on Self Open Badge.

Photo source: Monarch butterflies wintering in the Monarch Grove Sanctuary in Pacific Grove, California. Agunther / CC BY 3.0.