Fall 2020 – Virtual

Opportunity in Conflict™: Engaging Difficult Conversations

You have realized that the way you conduct yourself affects the situation around you. In a difficult situation, you trust yourself to be in the moment and see clearly what needs to be addressed. You have found a way of being honest, so that others find theirs. You know that there are many sides to a story and more than one solution to intractable problems. This is why people trust you with the tough stuff.

Participants will

  • practice skills for analyzing and transforming difficult situations;
  • develop an understanding of interest-based negotiation and how to do it;
  • gain new strategies in preparing for and navigating through difficult conversations; and
  • develop abilities in knowing what to listen for and how to respond.

The Event

16 hours
Schedule TBD




Roy Group awards the Opportunity in Conflict Open Badge as a digital record of course completion.


Investment: $2795 + GST per individual per course
Early Bird Discount: $2375 + GST per individual for every registration made before midnight Friday, TBD

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