Fall 2020 – Virtual

Opportunity in Conflict™ Recharge

Prerequisite: Opportunity in Conflict™: Engaging Difficult Conversations

Recharges are integration events that build on the foundations of learning and practice that occurred during the Opportunity in Conflict experience. Prior to a Recharge, participants have had time to apply and practice the learning. The integration experience provides the opportunity to continue deepening both understanding and practice in a supervised setting so that leaders can get real-time feedback on their performance from both peers and course facilitators.

Participants will

  • reflect on current successes and challenges in application of theory and skills;
  • share learning and discuss possible approaches in light of specific contextual features;
  • practice and integrate learning in real time; and
  • set goals for further practice and integration.

The Event

Schedule TBD




Roy Group awards a Recharge Open Badge as a digital record of course completion.


Investment:  $1395 + GST per individual per course
Early Bird Discount:  $1195 + GST per individual for every registration made before midnight TBD

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