TBD March 2020 – Victoria

Dynamic and responsive organizations require invested teams and reliable information. You believe in leadership at all levels, continuous learning and creating effective interactions. Your leadership practice is to create forums that invite true collaboration and innovation.

The Event

Participants will:

  • experience practical tools and approaches for increasing engagement across large work units.
  • increase your confidence in leveraging the knowledge of teams and groups.
  • learn new and engaging alternatives to overused keynotes, panel discussions and lectures.
  • walk away with over 15 tools and practices you can use Monday morning.

Bob Chartier, Learning Lead, Engagement
Donna Horn, Practice Lead, Public Service

Investment: $2795.00 + GST per individual per course

Early Bird Discount: 15% off every registration made before midnight Friday, 11 January 2020
Hat Trick Discount: 15% off every 3 registrations your organization makes at one time

To register, call 1.888.656.2420 or email us at register@roygroup.net

Venue & Accommodation

The Tools of Engagement Badge is awarded to leaders committed to creating the space for meaningful conversations in groups of 5 to 500. For more information, see badges.roygroup.net.