About Roy Group

Leadership is a practice of practices.

Grounded in deep and disciplined practice, Roy Group’s embedded approach provides emerging and established leaders with the opportunity to learn and develop from their own experience, fostering increased levels of confidence. Our frameworks and methodology are easy to adopt and apply. You’ll see change right from the first engagement.

For teams requiring unstoppable cultures, Roy Group is a leadership development firm that helps organizations work better—together.

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Our Clients

Roy Group focuses with precision on our clients’ needs. We welcome clients who are ready to engage — who see what they can be, and who are ready to do the work it takes to get there. Roy Group forms deep connections with our clients, with many of our partnerships lasting years.

Our Story

Ian Chisholm and Anne-Marie Daniel founded Roy Group in 2004, after several years of operating a challenging social impact startup on the Isle of Skye. Bringing their skills in leadership development, conflict management, engagement and improvement across relationships and organizational processes, the pair established Roy Group as a bespoke leadership development firm serving western Canada. Our team continues to offer the best in personal and leadership development, across sectors throughout North America.

And the name Roy? An homage to Ian’s grandfather — and a reminder of the depth of character behind every leader who earns the gift word mentor.

Our Team

Members of Roy Group have earned their place on our team with their unique character, their dedication to practice, and their track record of unfolding exceptional stories in the world.

Roy Group works with a select group of clients at any given time and our most experienced practitioners work directly with each team. Our unique, personal and authentic approach allows clients to grow alongside a remarkable group of practitioners.

Our Philosophy

Leadership is a practice, built over time, through repetitions of learning, application, and reflection. Roy Group provides your team’s leaders, and future leaders, with the tools to practice, putting them on the path to mastery and your organization on the road to resilience.

1% For The Planet

We believe that health and wealth go hand in hand. Roy Group donates 1% of our revenue to local organizations that connect people with the places they live through restoration and conservation work. Our partners foster resilient ecosystems by engaging communities in experiential learning and stewardship of their habitat. Nature is our life support system.  This is our way of practicing reciprocity.