What We Do

The responsibility of leadership is often daunting – something that causes us to hesitate on the threshold.  It seems that those around us who lead do so effortlessly and confidently – do so as some natural extension of who they are.  The age-old argument of how leadership exists is polarized – we are told leaders are either born this way or have been made this way.

The truth is – leadership is not something someone is born with or made to be by others.  It is a choice that people make – to use all of who they are to unfold stories in the world.  It is a choice to practice – each person building on their evolving system for leading self and others, each and every day.

It is our belief that this choice is available to everyone – for leadership, everywhere.

Model of Change

Roy Group’s approach focuses on four key re-findings – four conversations that leaders must be prepared to find, engage, lose and re-find again – woven in and out of their work and their lives.

Roy Group works closely with senior leaders from our client organizations:

  • to bring these conversations to life,
  • to animate their applicability, and
  • to provide fundamental practices borrowed from the world of professional coaches, mediators, negotiators, facilitators and high-performance teams.

Surrounded by a rapidly changing world, Roy Group’s north star for leaders does not change.

It is the question that has always been and will always be the heart of responsible leadership:

What is it time for? 

In any given context, in any given set of circumstances – this question allows leaders to know if it is time to reflect, inquire, pause or take action.

Living the answers to this question invites the use of practices learned to navigate through complexity.

These fundamentals create a confidence to practice leadership – regardless of position or level of authority.

Practicing leadership allows all individuals and teams involved to learn more from their experience, as it emerges.

This creates more confidence
a virtuous cycle that equips any organization
with its next generation of leaders.

Our Practice Areas

We serve four distinct sectors: education, public service, enterprise and social impact. These sectors are where the practice of developing outstanding leaders can make the greatest impact.

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