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Chiz’s Writing Journey: Decisions, Doubts, and the Heartbeat of Mentorship

  Three years ago, I declared to the world that I was writing a book. So, I started writing. But back then I had no idea how multifaceted a book project is. How much time it demands. How much emotion it unearths. How many decisions…
April 9, 2024 by Roy Group

Ten Takeaways From 2022

Well, we’re still standing! Wasn’t easy. (Pretty sure easy is long gone in that rearview mirror.) A few of us at Roy Group dug deep as the year drew to a close, asking ourselves what the most impactful learnings were over the last 12 months.…
December 21, 2022 by Roy Group

Your Top 7 Questions Answered About Team Retreats

Your life is a spinning circus. The bank website wouldn’t let you log in this morning, you lost an hour on the phone troubleshooting the new CRM, and a colleague from way back emailed to say they just saw your teenager on YouTube streaming…
May 30, 2022 by Roy Group

Conversations With Roy: The Three Keys to Unlocking Exponential Impact

Every now and then, a leader’s candid insight makes our hearts skip a beat. This month, we bring you an in-depth conversation with Margo Long, one of the most perceptive and unguarded humans we know. (She’s also ultra-competent, having steered…
May 5, 2022 by Roy Group

4 Reasons Why You Need a Chief of Staff

Back in January, Chiz noticed a red-hot thread running through his conversations with other leaders: burnout. People were arriving back at their desks feeling even more drained than before the holidays began. Nobody was ready to return. Nobody…
March 30, 2022 by Roy Group
Photo by Dave Contreras on Unsplash

Five Tips For Showing Up As Your Finest Self

It takes practice to occupy the ground well. Practice underpins our why. When people embed the tools and practices we teach, and commit to learning from their application, they make progress toward mastery of their conduct — a prerequisite…
February 23, 2022 by Roy Group
four people cabled together hiking a mountain

Conversations With Roy: Love Your People. Lead With Purpose.

We know exceptional leadership when we see it. And in the coming months, we’re inviting the voices of more exceptional leaders onto our blog, to share what they think is important to focus on now. In this edition of Conversations with Roy,…
January 19, 2022 by Roy Group
smoky view across the lake

The Way You Choose To Conduct Yourself When Your World Burns

It was mid-July when the fires started in our part of the province. We live near Vernon, in central British Columbia. Prime wildfire territory: semi-desert, low precipitation, high summer temperatures. As we live in a more rural area,…
December 21, 2021 by Roy Group
coaching approach to leadership model

Steps To Building A Coaching Culture

There’s a lot of talk about the shift toward coaching cultures in organizations. This is a good thing. Roy Group has been ready for this for a long time. But what does “a coaching approach” really mean? Our definition of coaching…
December 7, 2021 by Roy Group