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Mentor Carole Cooper and Yolanda Moran

Conversations With Roy: We Often Don’t See Our Mentors Until We Look Back

Every now and then, a person you never suspected turns out to be a powerful Mentor. You walk beside someone on the path for a few years. Or a few decades. And one day, you turn around and look back over all the ground you’ve covered together. And…
September 24, 2021 by Roy Group
The Roy Group Team takes a pause to build a sense of community at Bilston Creek Farm

Conversations With Roy: How To Build A Warm And Productive Community

We’ve been thinking a lot about pause over the summer. Our chief of staff noted hundreds of out-of-office emails when we sent out a recent announcement about the 2021 MacGregor Cup. This is good news. After 18 months of discombobulation,…
August 17, 2021 by Roy Group

Five Ways The Leader’s Discipline Made Me a Better Parent

By Vivienne Damatan If I’m being honest, my transition into parenthood was a rough one. When I had my daughter, I was the VP of sales at a growing tech startup and everything was going really well. Through a lot of focus and consistent…
June 25, 2021 by Roy Group

Choosing The Best Way To Have The Conversation That’s In Front Of You

In the moment, we think we need to know it all. We worry that if we don’t have the answers, then we’re not really leaders. And when we do have the answers (or think we do), we want to save some time by straight up sharing them with other…
June 25, 2021 by Roy Group

How I Learned To Bake Bread With A New Set Of Tools (Or: Exploring My Dread Of Virtual Learning)

By Donna Horn Great bakers bake great bread. That’s one of Robert Henderson’s lines. It means even when you’ve learned your craft, you keep honing and advancing and growing in mastery. You don’t worry about “being great”. All…
June 10, 2021 by Roy Group

How to Listen Like a Leader…Not a Know-It-All (and other great tips on how to earn the title of “Mentor”)

What qualities do we look for in a leader? What does it mean to create good in the world? Why is Mentor such a powerful word, and why do we treat it as a gift? What is it that jumps us to judgment instead of truly seeing the layered, gifted,…
June 1, 2021 by Roy Group

Why Would Anyone Write A Book?

By Ian Chisholm I remember very clearly the moment when I first understood why someone would want to write a book. I was sitting in the audience at a lecture given by Dr. Gabor Maté at the University of Victoria. He had just finished writing…
May 14, 2021 by Roy Group

Bend An Ear, But Don’t Bend The Truth: A Critical Look At Storytelling In The Nonprofit Sector

By Iain Duncan Nonprofit storytelling is broken. It no longer tells the truth, and I think it might be my fault. I think it might be yours, too. It is both broken AND our fault because of how we as an audience engage with the complex…
April 14, 2021 by Roy Group

What Nature Can Teach Business About Strategy In The Face of Big Change

By Anne-Marie Daniel I was arriving late to a Roy Group strategy session. Cozy and small, our session was situated in a fishing hut by the beach in Port Renfrew. I found myself wanting to get my head in the game, but I was feeling overwhelmed…
April 7, 2021 by Roy Group