What We Offer

We know that leadership is a fundamental component of any successful endeavor.  However, a shared language, approach and practice of leadership is often elusive. Leadership is hard to define and even harder to practice. We can help.

Base Camp

Every organization is different. Any first step with Roy Group begins with aligning your senior leaders around a shared understanding of:

  • what territory your organization is moving into,
  • what kind of culture this will demand, and
  • how leaders will need to practice.

This effort ensures that shared practices of leadership are being consistently modelled from the top before investing time and resources on equipping your emerging leaders.

Core Approaches

With 20 years of experience under its belt, Roy Group understands the kind of contact points and cadence that provide our clients with the most impact and traction in the direction they want to go.

Tailored to different budgets of time and investment, all of our core approaches include:

  • research,
  • impactful in-person learning experiences, and
  • ongoing virtual learning sessions.

All of our core approaches involve our clients’ senior leaders in design and delivery.

We would like you to become mentors to the next generation of leaders.

Additional Components

Many organizations choose to further customize their work with us with strategically targeted investments.

Additional Components we offer to empower our clients and support them in their leadership journey include: a practical coaching toolkit, one-to-one executive coaching support, open courses, virtual programs, in-house programs and custom-designed learning retreats.