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Bend An Ear, But Don’t Bend The Truth: A Critical Look At Storytelling In The Nonprofit Sector

By Iain Duncan Nonprofit storytelling is broken. It no longer tells the truth, and I think it might be my fault. I think it might be yours, too. It is both broken AND our fault because of how we as an audience engage with the complex…
April 14, 2021 by Roy Group

What Nature Can Teach Business About Strategy In The Face of Big Change

By Anne-Marie Daniel I was arriving late to a Roy Group strategy session. Cozy and small, our session was situated in a fishing hut by the beach in Port Renfrew. I found myself wanting to get my head in the game, but I was feeling overwhelmed…
April 7, 2021 by Roy Group

The High Cost Of Avoiding Conflict: Six Tips For Handling Disharmony

By Anne-Marie Daniel A few years ago, the executive director of a well-known social impact organization called me for a coaching session. This individual had received an email from a loyal volunteer of 20 years who was quite upset about recent…
March 11, 2021 by Roy Group
Raft going through Sabre Tooth Rapids

Five Rules For Running Big Rapids

By Heather Lehmann You’re paddling the Kicking Horse close to the BC border. Group of 30. Things change quickly up here: Class III, IV rapids around every bend. Sometimes you have to eddy out and discuss how to approach the next set. Now…
February 3, 2021 by Roy Group

Critical Traction In Culture

Leadership development is an investment—and you want to trust that your investment will pay dividends. Knowing that decision-makers are actively engaged in researching their options, Roy Group is producing a series of case studies to share…
January 28, 2021 by Roy Group

Roy Group Call To Action

Don't Underestimate Just How Much the World Needs Us For everyone at Roy Group, Christmas 2020 feels a bit like the break after a first period of a hockey game. We sense we are 1/3 of our way into this challenge and that there are 2/3 of this…
December 3, 2020 by Roy Group

What Spaghetti On My Shirt Taught Me About Social Transformation

By Iain Duncan For my last leadership assignment in the charitable sector, I was tasked with leading a small team responsible for community development initiatives in different parts of the world. My first order of business was to gather…
December 2, 2020 by Roy Group
trucks on the highway

The Roy Group Evolution: 2020 & Beyond

In an open letter to the Roy Group Team, Chief of Staff Jonny Schwartz shares some personal thoughts... Some of you may know that July 31st was Roy Group's year end. It’s been one interesting year and I’ll leave it at that here in this…
December 2, 2020 by Roy Group

Being a Guest of ThresholdImpact VMS

By Ian Chisholm This month we are proudly reposting a recent article published in the University of Alberta 2020 Annual Report for its ThresholdImpact Venture Mentoring Service (VMS). Read the entire report here. Several years ago, Ted…
October 16, 2020 by Roy Group