MacGregor Cup Awards

Roy Group, The MacGregor Cup Badge

Ellen Hollinger

Former Vice-President Corporate Services
Edmonton Economic Development Corporation

Edmonton, Alberta

“Five years later, our organization has significantly evolved. Our coaching philosophy and practices are still going strong and underpin how we show up every day as leaders.”

Influencing through an inspiring mix of quiet leadership and fierce resolve, Ellen Hollinger played a key role in aligning the executive team at the Edmonton Economic Development Corporation (EEDC) beginning in 2015. Formed from the amalgamation of several different businesses a quarter century ago, EEDC comprised a diversity of organizational units with their own tools and cultures — and it was the executive leaders of this diverse group that Ms. Hollinger and her team set out to unify with a common language and leadership framework. Following word-of-mouth recommendations from other Edmonton-area organizations, EEDC engaged Roy Group to intentionally redesign its organizational culture, charting an intense 18-month roadmap of programs, one-to-one coaching and high-performance modules. Ms. Hollinger champions Roy Group frameworks as critical blueprints for many current EEDC processes, including performance management and project management. She understands that with committed practice, leaders can learn to respond to situations more intentionally, developing a foundation of trust and assurance that enables their teams to focus on achieving real, significant results. Grounded, egalitarian and ever interested in helping others evolve their own practice, Ms. Hollinger’s commitment to leadership development throughout EEDC has resulted in countless stories of heightened performance, learning and engagement — for colleagues, partners and clients alike.