MacGregor Cup Awards

Roy Group, The MacGregor Cup Badge

Keith Driscoll

Director of Boarding and Student Life
St. Michaels University School

Victoria, British Columbia

“What’s really great about this approach is it does come from a humble place. It comes from a place of wanting to succeed at what you’re doing, but also to have others feel like they’re succeeding as well, and contributing and being part of that.”

Keith Driscoll’s commitment to developing leaders is felt at all levels at St. Michaels University School through his contributions in coaching, creating passion around a shared vision and supporting others to align with their own personal visions. As Director of Boarding and Student Life since 2011, Mr. Driscoll has continuously developed and refined his practice of building capacity in others, recognizing the importance of bringing a high degree of intentionality to every interaction. SMUS engaged Roy Group beginning with The Leader’s Discipline™ for the senior leadership team in 2011, followed by the Roy Group suite of programs as well as one-to-one coaching across the teaching faculty and other levels of leadership in the years to follow. SMUS’s work with Roy Group opened a new path at the school, inviting meaningful conversations and creating a deep understanding of the riches to be mined when a team commits to moving forward in a transparent, collaborative, capacity-building way. Mr. Driscoll’s continued service to the transformative ideals of leadership development remind us that the work is never really “done”, and that the choice must be made, over and over, to create — and conduct — oneself as the change one wishes to see in the world.