Roy Group’s approach offers no silver bullets or claimed expertise on what your organization should become. What we do know is that within cultures where leaders at all levels are stirred by an appetite to earn the word Mentor, challenges like recruitment, retention, engagement and succession disappear.

Roy Group chooses to serve small giants as one of our focused practice areas. These are companies that choose to be great instead of big. They’ve made the conscious decision to be incredibly selective about which growth opportunities they say yes to — because they know that with every move in the direction of expansion comes a trade-off, either in focus, culture or quality of life.

Unlock The Leadership In Your Team

If you’re a leader of a small giant, we get you, totally. This isn’t your job. This is your life’s work.

You have worked hard to create something autonomous. Your interactions with your clients are super important, and you demonstrate this in the way you show up. Same goes for your suppliers. What you do every day in the workplace is the mark you are choosing to leave on the world. It’s personal. It matters. And you mean it.

At Roy Group, none of our team creates its value by being the smartest person in the room. We’re not experts at what you do: that’s your job. What we’re masterful at is inviting your team members to rise to their finest selves, in order to make their finest contributions.

Whether we engage with you to do one-to-one work, to do group work, or to guide your team in custom-built leadership development processes, we count on the fact that your people are going to bring considerable intelligence to the table. What we do helps you access that.

Why Roy Group Chooses Small Giants

We derive intense satisfaction from working side by side with leaders of small giants to bring your game to an even higher level. The meaningful work that you offer, and the quality of interaction you engender with people in your community and in your customer base creates a better human life. These are the kinds of companies Roy Group loves spending time with.

And we’ll admit it: we have a soft spot for small giants because — well — the term describes us, too.

small giants book

Some years ago, I read a book called Small Giants by journalist Bo Burlingham. It’s the only business book that’s ever brought me to tears. I knew these were the kinds of people I wanted to work with. I also knew this was the kind of business I wanted Roy Group to be.


Pain Points We Address

  • I want my people to lead.
    Roy Group helps you instill ownership at all levels. This increases engagement and good problem-solving, and builds a true vibe of “we’re in this together”. It’s also a prerequisite if you want your organization to grow.
  • Our team avoids conflict.
    This is a key reason people reach out to Roy Group. We’ll help you open the conversation, listen effectively, and work toward solutions — without hurt feelings or grudges.
  • Some of our behaviours are compromising our culture.
    This one’s pretty real. Roy Group skills you up to address culture-killing actions, and gives you the tools to shape a better way forward.
  • We need to be more innovative.
    To innovate, your people have to first be good at collaboration and the creative process. There’s a set of fundamentals you have to get right in order to arrive at that place. Roy Group helps you access these creative keys so you can build a team that can communicate, work together, and bring incredible things into being.

Roy Group-Designed Retreats at Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort

Roy Group partners with Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort to design tailored, memorable organizational Wild Retreats. Bring your group to the beautiful inlets and islands of the Great Bear Rainforest, where you can reconnect with nature, with each other, and with your broader purpose. Nature’s purposeful, finely rendered designs inspire us in our own program design. Time with your team in this rich natural setting invites a whole different league of fellowship.

Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort offers world-class cuisine, internationally recognized hospitality and exhilarating nature excursions. Start your day with a Roy Group session, then head into the wilderness for a guided outing and picnic lunch. Gather together before supper for another learning experience, break out into different spaces for a working session, or just grab a beer and jump in the hot tub.

Let us know your goals, and Roy Group will work with you to create a beautiful experience.

Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort

In business, there are a few defining moments that harden the foundation of a company. One of those moments is when we met Chiz and the Roy Group team. In a few short days they extracted our undiscovered potential and set us on a course that would support our clients, our community and our people unlike anything we had done before. One of the most vital areas in a successful M&A is the alignment of culture. If you don’t get that right, everything else almost becomes irrelevant. Roy Group has an amazing way to break down the walls of the people on both sides, and bring the human element to the transaction that ultimately creates success for the future combined company.


Ryan Pomeroy

The Roy Group training has established a common language of leadership and coaching in our organization, which results in a quicker and more effective development of our people and results. It seems customized to our organization, genuine and authentic. People really connect with the learning through storytelling and experiment, rather than research and data. I love the personal connection. I feel like Roy Group is really just an extension of our executive team, and I feel that is how they are viewed by the majority of our leaders.