Social Impact

Social entrepreneurs represent a very special breed of leadership — one all leaders can learn from. At its core, all of Roy Group’s work is about the sovereignty of the human spirit, a focus that is shared by social impact organizations. We work with people who want to be their best, to leverage that into the world, and to set others up to do the same. Everything we do is about inviting that potential out, and addressing anything that is getting in the way of it.

Social impact holds a special place in our hearts, because it’s where our founders got their start. The social sector bristles with big thinkers who seek to shock the system in order to drive widespread change and betterment. It is a sector helmed by visionary alchemists — people who create something from nothing. They create like artists; they drive like executives; they inspire movements like revolutionaries.

Move Beyond Just Getting Things Done

You’re a leader in the third sector. You’re doing the work that holds the social fabric of this country together.

This is more than just “work” for you, and it always has been. It’s a driving force that makes up who you are. You are surrounded by people whose passion is similar, and it’s up to you to grow and develop those individuals into the people the world needs more of. You must go beyond just getting things done — even big things — and dig into the practice of developing the capacity and the potential of others.

Roy Group’s practices develop leadership competencies that build bridges within your team and drive better conversations with other charitable groups, with your donors, in the granting arena, and at the board room table. We tool you up so that you and your team can function as a communicative, forward-moving, silo-breaking machine bent on creating change.

Whether you send a few sharp-shooters to one of our open courses, bring us in to work in-house with your entire team, or co-create a series of learning retreats to plan your next steps, we look forward to helping to develop the finest leadership qualities in you and your team.

Why Roy Group Chooses To Work In Social Impact

 Our practitioners admire and are energized by the kind of people who like to shake it up. You sense a need in the wider world and something inside you says, I can’t tolerate the fact that there is nothing in place to serve this need. So you go create it — and you take accountability for it. We love that.

We also recognize that the third sector accounts for an enormous amount of social and economic impact in a given region, and drives billions of dollars in revenue and jobs. You’re running a key piece of the economy. You need to run it well.

The default setting for leaders is to create value because of what you know and do. The idea is to trade some of that for creating value because of the way you conduct yourself and the way you bring out the best in other people. The way you run a meeting. The way you are. That can be tricky for people. All kinds of stuff trips them back into creating value by doing and knowing. We constantly invite people back to this next league, of taking the step from leadership into mentorship.


Pain Points We Address

  • We’ve got governance pains.
    Disconnected board? Ineffectual guidance? Roadmap full of potholes? Roy Group’s social impact team brings you the strategic insight you need to create effective change.
  • Profit isn’t a dirty word.
    Actually, it’s an important word for the third sector. In whatever form it comes to a social enterprise, revenue is a good thing — and it makes a lot possible. We’ll help you figure out how to pioneer revenue streams and keep them healthy, while continuing to deliver on your urgent social mission.
  • We can’t figure out how to measure impact.
    In this age, philanthropists want charities’ offerings to be well designed so they last, make an ongoing difference, and can stand on their own through revenue generation. Roy Group helps you drill down so that you can show evidence of your impact.
  • I wear every single hat. Every single day.
    Your value as a social entrepreneur is huge, but it dwindles to a pinpoint if you extinguish yourself in the execution of your vision. Our social impact practitioners bring strategies for you to share the work around so you can keep your eye on the bigger picture.
Tim Cormode

Facilitation, coaching, leadership development, and convening the conversations that are dying to be born: those are the things that Roy Group is really good at. Where they add the greatest value is in working with an organization to facilitate the conversations to get them to where they need to be. Roy Group are incredible practitioners. I really enjoy working with them.