Each of us represents the most important piece of work we will ever undertake. Entering into a coaching relationship helps you take ownership of your situation. The work is continual and, if done right, productive and enjoyable. Roy Group coaching integrates what you learn in our open courses, in-house programs and custom retreats, helping you put into practice the disciplines that will keep you moving forward.

You Are The Work

Whether you are a CEO, an educational leader, a social entrepreneur, or simply a rising star, you are the work. When we see exquisite leadership in others, we sometimes forget that it took a lot of work to get to that place.

The work starts with you.

When leaders learn and commit to honing their craft — taking things apart, embracing those unpolished conversations — it invites everyone in an organization to do the same. With honest and ongoing feedback, Roy Group’s practitioners challenge individuals to hold themselves and their teams accountable to their values.

The Roy Group Differentiator

We are not just executive coaches. We are mediators, psychologists, public service innovators, former heads of school, sports therapists, entrepreneurs and former senior executives. Each member of the Roy Group team brings a wealth of experience that’s hard-earned in the field. Over our own careers, we’ve each tapped executive coaching to develop a broader spectrum of competencies.

Our coaches tend to become trusted advisors, but not because they know all the answers. It’s true that they have remarkable experience, and it’s true that they have unfolded big stories in the world; but it’s also true that they know this work is about you. When it’s time to coach, our practitioners know how to do that. And when it’s time to advise, we know how to do that, too.

When you show up and listen, what you’re doing is sending a message straight to the other person’s heart that you think they are intelligent and thoughtful and intuitive and capable. And so in addition to whatever content is happening, just the process of listening to somebody affirms them in their endeavour. And there’s no judgment. When you listen, you’re not judging, you’re learning.


How Roy Group Coaching Works

  • A team in your corner.
    When you become a Roy Group coaching client, you will have a primary coach contact — but that coach aligns another one of our experts with the engagement, ensuring a breadth of insights and expertise.
  • We share the secret sauce.
    Our aim is to help you build a culture that enables everyone to lead. We work with our clients to build their capacity to support themselves — which means sharing the tools with you.
  • We help you learn from your experience as it emerges.
    A Roy Group practitioner can prepare you for conflict, engagement activities, giving or receiving feedback, or even just running a staff meeting, reflecting back to you how you operate.
  • Flexible use of your coaching allotment.
    Use them where you need them: you can share your coaching hours around with others on your team.

We see coaching as a three-way partnership between the organization, the leader, and our team of coaches. When we onboard a new client, it’s with a conversation both with the individual and that person’s supervisor to assess personal and organizational goals. While all coaching sessions are confidential, we acknowledge the organization is making the commitment to invest in its coaches — and so we are accountable on both sides.

Bob Snowden

I started one-to-one coaching with Roy Group to make sure I would stay fresh: my contract as leader of our organization had just been renewed. How does a leader continue to be an engaged, open and curious explorer after 15 years in his role? Almost immediately, the coaching opportunity extended to my colleagues on our senior team, who embraced the path of our individual and collective leadership development in a context of feedback, continuous growth and examination of the future. What Roy Group brought to us was a unique combination of individual growth and organizational leadership. They helped us build an environment of responsiveness to accelerated change, of principles-based leadership, and of increasing collaboration across the institution. Members of the team became effective practitioners of the coaching approach. They developed their capacity both to energize their own areas and to contribute massively to institutional success.


Pilar Martinez

The executive coaching and support I have received from the Roy Group team has been game-changing. My stellar Roy Group coach has enabled me to elevate my leadership practice and bring laser sharp focus on continuous growth and improvement.