Custom Retreats

The deepest learning happens when we step outside our comfort zones. Whether your team is new to leadership development or you’re ready to put some key practices into play through a real-world getaway, a Roy Group custom retreat is an excellent way to lock in the learning.

Build Trust and Explore Possibilities — Together

Something magic happens when you take a group of people out of their day-to-day routines and invite them to experience a new environment together. Conversation flows anew, untethered to work or projects. Walls come down. Doors open. Mindsets shift. It’s a chance to see each other as unique individuals, each with stories, strengths and desires. Bringing people together in a comfortable space for pleasure and adventure generates a sense of discovery and builds trust. It’s like pressing the RESET button, taking the long view, and remembering the why behind what we do.

Our practitioners and events team will work with you to create a retreat that no one will forget: experiential, interactive learning in dynamic real-world settings. 

Level Up To A Roy Group Retreat

Roy Group maintains a partnership with Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort to offer our clients bespoke, team-aligning retreats in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest. Grounded in the comfort of a five-star resort and surrounded by the rugged peace of the British Columbia coastal wilderness, your team will relax into rich learning and interaction through beautiful food and drink, space to reflect and recharge, and nature adventures that people can choose for themselves.

It might be that you just need a one-day escape closer to home in order to tighten your focus on important work. Or maybe you’re looking for a two-day culture kickstart. Whatever your needs, Roy Group can create a retreat that unlocks the power of the unexpected, and builds your team’s togetherness and sense of accomplishment.

Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort

Trust is a foundational ingredient for effective leadership, and for working as a team. It shows up in every part of your organization, from customer-facing offerings to idea development to relationships with your vendors. When people trust, they feel more satisfied with their life’s work. The payoff is huge, both inside and outside your organization. Taking time away from the office to reward your team with a wonderful retreat experience is a natural trust-builder. Everyone returns to work refreshed and clear, ready to share the stories they’ve created together.


How A Roy Group Retreat Works

  • We work with you to plan the where and the how.
    You may wish for your retreat to be delivered on your site; at the other end of the spectrum, you may wish to tap into our network of venues that create transformational experiences.
  • We design purpose-driven programming.
    Whether you have three hours, three days or three years, Roy Group will listen carefully to what you need to accomplish and then we’ll design the right progression of experiences to achieve them. We’ll create new content, modify existing content, invite outside thought leaders to be part of the program you want to define — whatever it takes to make the learning sing.
  • We then create the crucible for transformational learning.
    We find the alchemical combination of geographic location, technology, venue, catering, learning materials and design. Roy Group brings all of it together to create something that’s indelible.
  • Roy Group practitioners facilitate the learning.
    That’s what we’re here for. Whatever organizational work your retreat serves, we will design and deliver meaningful programs to get people from where they are now, to where you want them to be.
Ray Muzkya

Since inception at the University of Alberta Venture Mentorship Service, The Leader’s Discipline has become a fundamental part of our language as mentors, as we converse with each another and as we coach growth-stage entrepreneurs. The frameworks we’ve learned through this training are so critical to the way we approach mentorship now, that we require all our mentors to take the training within the first year they join our program.

Dr. Ray Muzyka, Founding Chair
University of Alberta Venture Mentoring Service

In late 2015, our executive team set out to intentionally redesign our organizational culture. We knew we needed to build a strong foundation of core values and management philosophy. With that in mind, we set out to find the best team to help us out with that. Glowing reviews came in from other Edmonton leaders about Roy Group and the work they did with their teams. After an initial call with Chiz, although we weren’t sure where our journey would take us, we knew we were on the right track. Together, we designed an intensive 18-month program, first for our executive team, with our director team to follow. The program offered so much and ultimately helped to solidify our newly formed executive team, elevated our understanding and knowledge of what coaching means, and provided a common language and framework to operate in. Our practice took us down both a personal and professional journey, increasing our own awareness, improving our personal leadership skills, allowing us the opportunity to realize our own personal strengths and areas of growth, and giving us tools that were easily translatable and navigable. Four years later, our organization has significantly evolved. Our coaching philosophy and practices are still going strong and underpin how we show up every day as leaders.