In-House Programs

Whether virtual or in person, Roy Group designs our in-house programs to meet the needs of your organization. We start with the end in mind: your organization as self-sufficient and rich in human potential, with team members leading at all levels.

Coaching As The Art of Creating Effective Teams

We are in the business of helping you build a culture that enables everyone to lead. A learning experience should be applicable from the moment it occurs, and in every moment leading forward. Developing leaders in your organization lets you get traction with new approaches and move real challenges in new directions.

We work with clients to build their capacity to support themselves. Unlike the wedding photographer who keeps the negatives, our goal is to empower our clients to leverage our tools even when Roy Group isn’t there.

Creating space for the conversations that are dying to be born is a powerful way to foster leadership — and we believe it is most valuable when proven approaches are widely shared across teams and organizations. Roy Group provides easy-to-use tools that can be applied directly in real-world environments. Our clients see immediate benefits, and these “wins” quickly build momentum and support across their organizations.

Our Process Answers Your Need

Every organization is a different animal. We get that. We help teams understand their current reality, then design ambitious and creative campaigns to move into the future with purpose, agility and resilience. We deliver the goods in an indelible way, understanding that deep learning and real change results from experiences that engage all the senses.

Working with Roy Group drives leadership development all throughout your organization, in a cascading effect. After all, leadership relies on collective intelligence: creating a culture of leadership means that everyone has to be in on it. We typically start with key leaders, then as time unfolds, we enter the next layer of leaders and work with them. It’s a powerful, organic way to steep your organization in the practices of leadership development.

What gets in the way of leaders leading? There’s the million-dollar question. It’s different with every person. And then you put every one of those people on teams. Now you’ve got a second-level puzzle of what’s getting in the way of these people. Then you drop them into an organization and the complexity becomes mind-blowing. We always ask, How do we create something — whether it’s a process or a model or a way to have this conversation — that allows people to get out of their own way? As an individual, a team, or an organization? That usually takes a group of people being super creative. It’s different every time, really.


How Do In-House Programs Work?

  • Partners partnering.
    When Roy Group executes a design process, we ensure that what we bring blends well with any other partners you’re already working with. We’re not here to get our way. Rather, we know that learning comes from many different inputs.
  • Your goals first.
    Our design process is unique and creative, and allows teams to clarify the future state they are currently working to achieve.
  • We work with your timing.
    We work with you to find the times that fit with the rhythm of your year. Maybe it’s the days leading up to a conference, or as your busy season winds down and you can catch your breath.
  • We elevate creativity.
    Committing to the creative process is risky and uncomfortable, but necessary if your organization is to find its edge. We work with you to learn how to stay open to new models by embracing creativity.

Incite has been working closely with Roy Group for almost 10 years and it has become a special and significant partnership for us. Roy Group goes above and beyond to equip its clients with the mindset, frameworks, and tools needed to establish an unstoppable culture and transform leaders at all levels of the organization. They not only share, but encourage clients to use and build off their intellectual property, which has helped us to fully leverage and deploy the Roy Group way throughout our company and with our clients.

As a small business, the ability to become self-reliant is key to success, and this open approach is what sets Roy Group apart from any other group we’ve worked with in the leadership field. They are skilled at leveraging the right mix of impactful courses, custom facilitation, and one-to-one coaching to drive both individual and organizational development. Their leadership philosophy has become engrained into our cultural DNA and shows up on daily in leadership, team, and client interactions. Without question, Incite is a better organization today because of Roy Group.