Base Camp

Every organization is unique. Base Camp is Roy Group’s research and discovery process that empowers senior leaders to align around a shared understanding of:

  • what territory your organization is moving into,
  • what kind of culture this will demand, and
  • how leaders will need to practice.

The outcome of this work will be an increased ability for your leadership team to:

  • be clear, together, on direction and strategy;
  • work as one team, committed to that direction;
  • frame a shared approach to leadership, for each other and the rest for the organization;
  • reflect rigorously on their own performance;
  • have honest conversations about problems; and
  • model effective leadership for the rest of the organization.

3 Integrated Phases

Executive Interviews

Our Base Camp engagement starts with 1:1 interviews with members of the senior leadership team. These interviews allow us to assess perspectives and define the current state of your culture of shared leadership. This intelligence sets the stage to get people aligned on the work together that lies ahead. Gathering these individual perspectives is an essential precursor to our conversations together as a team.

Alignment Day

This day, spent together, focuses on aligning your leadership approaches with your strategy and direction. We will use a tool known as The Future Backwards as a way of ensuring that the leadership practices being established can be put to clear and effective use, charting the course for your team’s ongoing practice of leadership.

Alignment Sessions

After Alignment Day, a series of three virtual, facilitated team discussions will focus on collectively answering the question, “Are we practicing leadership, together, the way this team and community needs us to?” Throughout these sessions, your team will align around shared values, integrate core models of team leadership provided by Roy Group, and begin establishing the critical practice of regularly reflecting on, and adjusting, individual and collective leadership. Good leadership is a practice, built over time. When Roy Group helps a senior team develop their practice of leadership, it lays the groundwork for approaches and advances that enable the entire organization to create an unstoppable culture. Base Camp is the beginning of that journey together.