Change Leadership

Nowadays the workplace is subject to continuous change—and it’s hard for people. In our Change Leadership program, leaders learn how to help their teams through uneasiness and resistance by communicating better, finding the influencers who can help lead the way, and staying on deck as the change takes effect. Backed by research in neuroscience and led by Heather Lehmann, Roy Group’s Learning Lead for Change, this program provides tools for leaders to help their teams not only move through change, but transform resistance into an engaged energy of possibility.

In this focused exploration, you will:

  • review the neuroscience of how our brains react to change and learn tools for helping people navigate the fear of uncertainty;
  • understand the critical roles that only leaders can play in order for change to be successful;
  • practice techniques for creating safe space for people to share their questions and concerns;
  • learn how to leverage support across all layers of leadership in your organization by engaging a coalition of leader-influencers;
  • understand how to transform resistance into engaged energy across your organization; and
  • learn how to lean in, stay visible and model change rather than delegating its implementation.

What You’ll Be Able to Do After Taking Change Leadership:

Change Leadership participants take away frameworks to mitigate the fear and uncertainty that change inevitably brings. Participants learn how to let go, get to neutral, and be a part of what’s next. They have the skills to lead productive two-way dialogue that helps people feel heard and supported, so that change can embed more quickly.

After taking Change Leadership, participants will have tools for communicating a compelling future, turning resistance into engagement and enrolling others in building support for the necessary change. Leaders are exhilarated at what becomes possible for their organization when people feel supported, aligned and excited about a better future.