Custom Retreats

Teams that play together…ultimately play harder for each other. This commitment is what takes an organization from good to great—and it’s what it’s going to take to keep moving forward in a world where ambiguity and uncertainty are the rule, not the exception.

Custom retreats are a powerful way to bring a new leadership group together or deepen the relationships among your existing group. The appreciation and care that a custom retreat gifts to your team builds trust, goodwill and commitment. A retreat brings your leadership team together for a well-earned pause, and reconnects you to your purpose and what really matters.

Our practice leads will work with your organization to find the sweet spot between all that is possible and your constraints—and our experience coordinators will make the magic happen.

In this custom experience, you will:

  • work with our practice leads and events team to plan a meaningful opportunity for your team to rest, reset and reconnect;
  • become more deeply acquainted with Henderson’s disciplines of pausing, inquiring and reflecting as a way to discern right action;
  • treat your team to a refined locale, beautiful local foods, and restorative activities to re-engage your sense of creativity, focus and vitality;
  • enjoy purpose-driven, customized programming designed by our practitioners;
  • savour the space required to reexamine your strategic direction, plan a new initiative or resolve a complex issue; and
  • recalibrate for better service delivery and greater impact through the work you do every day.

What Your Team Feels Like After a Roy Group Retreat:

Well, they’ll feel more rested and connected, as a start. From connection arises trust, and a willingness to serve together in weathering change, taking risks and keeping the ship righted and sailing on a strong heading. Building intimacy through rituals of retreat generates a sense of appreciation and deep satisfaction with one’s work.

Your team will emerge in a space of optimism and creativity about how to lead your organization into the future, with a deepened commitment to playing for each other—the foundation for creating an unstoppable culture.