Engaging Difficult Conversations™

Conflict makes clear communication difficult. By understanding our own experience, we can become more aware of our options and check assumptions. Engaging Difficult Conversations is an introduction to approaches, tools and practices for navigating through everyday conflicts in the workplace. It’s a one-day intensive facilitated by skillful practitioners to help you prepare to address those necessary conversations that leaders often avoid. No one wins when people avoid difficult conversations, take things personally, or dig into their own positions. Drawing from mediation and negotiation practices, these skills support people to identify the changes they need to be productive and innovative at work (and home).

In Engaging Difficult Conversations, you will:

  • gain strategies in preparing for and navigating through difficult conversations;
  • explore your personal style and approach to conflict;
  • learn how to listen for important cues and respond;
  • learn how to bring a coaching approach to conflict;
  • become more confident in listening to understand diverse perspectives, even when you do not agree; and
  • explore the mindset needed to solve problems.

What It Looks Like When People Master This Learning

People who take Engaging Difficult Conversations know how to unpack their own experience when faced with a tricky situation. They can turn this self-awareness into communicating the challenge and listening for the interests that lead to change. They will understand how to respectfully hold space for people with opposing views, with the goal of find common ground and acknowledging the places they are stuck and need help.

With regular practice, these leaders can prepare themselves and others to understand what’s at stake and be able to decide on the best way to address it. Whether navigating tough conversations or identifying what is within their control to do, leaders with this capacity move your organization forward productively.