Focus on Self™

For leaders to occupy the ground well, it is essential that they carry an intimate understanding of their own inner worlds. Our most inward-directed program, Focus on Self, explores personal leadership and development through a series of intuitively crafted processes. Our practitioners guide leaders to reflect on their own life story, philosophy of leadership and future direction. Incorporating the use of 360° feedback from others within their organization, leaders gain clarity on the stories they would like to create in the world around them.

Through this personally engaging and rewarding experience, you will:

  • connect at a deep level to your own strengths and areas for growth through Lumina Spark portraits;
  • reflect on deepening themes in your story to date;
  • receive feedback from those who are experiencing / have experienced your leadership;
  • make important choices about your personal direction, conduct and practices;
  • offer, share and receive support from other leaders; and
  • construct a plan for personal and professional development moving forward.

When Leaders Understand Their Inner Landscape…

…they are steadier in their leadership, and far better equipped to lead diverse teams through disruption and ambiguity. Inspiring, unpretentious leadership becomes possible to those who commit to self-discovery, and to learning through questions like: Who am I? What experiences have shaped me? How am I leading and living? What impact do I wish to have? What’s the legacy I’m building here?

Mastery of personal conduct is key on the pathway to mentorship, and requires disciplined self-examination. Through the practice of remaining inwardly directed and outwardly open to the insights of others, these leaders build greater emotional intelligence, more productive relationships and stronger loyalty among their teams.