Innovation Lab

Innovation Lab equips you to deliver deeper value into your organization by bringing ideas into a design form. This interactive design process highlights the rigour, focus and creativity required to evolve the concepts that will move your organization forward in increasingly unpredictable landscapes and markets. Using David Snowden’s Cynefin framework, developed during his time at IBM Global Services, we introduce you to the decision-making contexts that are at play in every organization. Understanding these contexts helps your leaders understand how they perceive situations, make sense of their own and other people’s behaviour, and choose a strategically appropriate course of action.

In this program, you will:

  • learn to recognize the difference between clear, complicated, complex and chaotic systems;
  • experiment with new mental models for leaders in environments that demand rapid innovation;
  • recognize the importance of progressing past brainstorming and ideation;
  • acquire tools and approaches for co-designing multiple innovative concepts; and
  • increase your confidence to move beyond “what works”, using models to guide the taking of measured risks so that you can continually move toward “what works better”.

Here’s The Leadership Growth From Taking Innovation Lab

Leaders who complete this work learn the utility of complexity and systems theory. This helps them make sense of what they’re thinking and feeling in relation to that of others. They’re able to recognize different types of situations and choose their navigational heading accordingly, bringing in advisement as they need it. They’ll have practical frameworks for handling ambiguity, so that they and their teams feel more confident in the risks they choose to take. They know how to evaluate and learn from their experiments, and recalibrate their heading for the next probe. And they’ll have applied practice in working together to design multiple innovative approaches—the only method that positions your organization to address wicked problems.