Narrative 360

Feedback is necessary for leaders to grow. As a tool that’s intimately tailored to your organization, Roy Group’s Narrative 360 gathers information from leaders and their team members relating to their behaviour, conduct and practice—all things that a leader can change in order to grow in their role and in their leadership.

Most 360 feedback processes are delivered unaligned to culture and corporate strategy, resulting in a lack of credibility and practical relevance to key leaders involved. The more relevant, purposeful, and credible the framework, the more impact feedback will have on individual leaders. In our Narrative 360 process, we work with you to develop the framework and questions that will deliver maximum learning from the feedback process.

In this assessment and debrief, our experienced coaching practitioners will:

  • engage in a series of one-on-one conversations with key leaders on your team to build an understanding of your leadership culture and identify opportunities for improvement;
  • design an in-person feedback framework to develop a set of leadership attributes unique to your organization;
  • conduct between 8 and 12 live interviews per subject using tailored questions to explore each section of your organization’s leadership framework;
  • prepare a report outlining emerging themes informed by your leadership framework;
  • engage each participant in a thorough debrief to identify and shape a plan for improvement.

What Becomes Possible When Leaders Engage a Narrative 360

Investing in your leaders’ understanding of their own leadership competencies can improve the strength of your culture, the quality of leadership within your organization, and the impact of your organization’s work.

Leaders who undertake a Narrative 360 benefit from a highly tailored set of information that’s personally relevant to their leadership. In debriefing with a trained 360 coach, participants will generate an action plan for improving those areas of their leadership that warrant focused attention.