Opportunity in Conflict™

Are people on your team skipping difficult conversations, taking things personally, or preventing good work from moving forward? None of this helps your organization do its finest work. Avoiding conflict prevents contribution and innovation—key elements of a good work culture.

In Opportunity in Conflict, we help people become better negotiators, facilitators and coaches. With practice, your team will be able to navigate conflict without needing to take it to HR—or to you. Give your team the right tools to turn stress into problems that can be solved.  These skills ground teams in making sense of dynamics and moving your mission forward.

In this experience, you will:

  • understand your own conflict style;
  • learn interest-based negotiation, and how and when to use it;
  • gain strategies to prepare for and navigate difficult conversations;
  • build your coaching approach to mediate tricky situations;
  • practice skills in delivering messages and learning what to listen for; and
  • develop a capacity to create graceful change, and stronger relationships.

What It Looks Like When People Master This Learning

Opportunity in Conflict equips your leaders with strategies to unpack conflict in a way that creates psychological safety when it comes to raising problems. They’ll have concrete steps to follow in naming issues, saying no without taking away someone’s power and agency, and moving the conversation toward shared goals.

Graduates of Opportunity in Conflict will know how to listen for people’s interests, discerning the signal through the noise. They’ll identify their own conflict styles, and learn to recognize when they’re caught up in a story, which in turn helps them stay in a stance of curiosity and openness. With practice, these leaders will improve their timing, awareness and diplomacy to find solutions that work for all sides—so that conflicts don’t create bottlenecks to getting good work done.