Pathway – 1:1 Integration

What is it?

When the rubber hits the road, personal transformation is hard. To stay true to the course often requires a steady, helping hand. Integration is the way we stimulate deep practice on an individual basis. These sessions are a 1:1 interface for your leaders to work with a Roy Group practitioner to transform their leadership practice. At its core, this is coaching, and it is the only way to fast-track immediate, individual change, both within yourself and in your organization.

Why does it matter?

Research shows that coaching delivers a constellation of positive outcomes. Working with a skilled coach dramatically improves self-awareness and work performance, and helps you and others on your leadership team evolve entirely novel solutions to complex issues. Plus, it models the coaching approach to leadership—the exact leadership style that, if you implement it, will give a quantum leap to your leaders’, managers’ and employees’ agency and accountability.

How does Roy Group coaching improve my leadership / my team’s leadership?

  1. Coaching grows self-awareness by holding space for reflection and inquiry around your beliefs and actions, which helps you make sense of the results you’re getting.
  2. With coaching, you’re better equipped to set—and meet—goals of excellence.
  3. Coaching lets you work through the unpolished, complicated parts of this work in confidence, in a safe nonjudgmental space.
  4. Coaching orients you to notice where you can learn more from your experience, both at work and in your personal life. So the learning compounds. That’s integration.
  5. From this place of greater insight, finding alignment within your team becomes easier, and you can more consistently model the practices across your leadership team.

How can I use the coaching hours?

We offer flexible options for how your organization uses the coaching hours, including 1:1 coaching, team coaching, supercoaching (individuals and teams), gifting coaching hours to individuals and teams, debriefing assessments, and combined or stockpiled coaching hours to contribute toward the cost of Roy Group events.