Pathway – Discovery & Design

What is it?

In Discovery & Design, we sit down with key leaders who have a clear sense of the state of leadership, culture and strategic foresight in your organization. Understanding the nuances and language of your organization comes from a process of careful inquiry and pattern recognition. Roy Group uses a variety of tools and methods of inquiry in our research process to understand what makes your organization and team tick—and the dynamics that might be getting in the way.

What’s the rationale behind it?

Working together through the Discovery & Design process provides your top team and ours a chance to work together on a short-term project. It provides each of our organizations the opportunity to assess “fit” in the area of values and standards, and gives us a solid foundation of understanding your organization as a potential partner—inside and out. The output of the Discovery & Design process is a road map for your leadership development efforts moving forward.

How does this process of research improve my leadership / my team’s leadership?

Thorough preparation is key for achieving quality results. By getting clear on your organizational story, values, strategic priorities, strengths and sticking points, we can identify opportunities and design a meaningful sequence of learnings and applied practical sessions in a way that moves you toward your preferred future state, and that improves leadership at all levels of your organization.

Discovery & Design is the first stage of the pathway to leadership mastery.