Pathway – Learning Experiences

What is it?

In our immersive learning experiences, your team will learn and begin practicing new skills, tools and models in engaging, memorable ways. Our practitioners understand how adults learn best—by doing, and by connecting the learning to their own meaningful current issues—so they facilitate shared experiences that call everyone into a heightened state of participation.

When we’re working with you in person, we create a deep impression by holding these events in unique environs with exceptional food. When we’re working with you virtually, we craft each moment to be experiential and meaningful—not just a content download.

What’s the rationale behind it?

Great leadership can be cultivated. In fact, a key marker of a great leader is openness to new learning—aka, a growth mindset. In Roy Group learning experiences, your people will encode new information through a variety of learning approaches, using the senses and the emotions, and not just the brain. We also provide a wide array of modular, tactile elements that invite your team to build their own playbook to use when it comes time to convert the learning to applied practice. Our approach accommodates neurodiversity and different learning preferences.

How do Roy Group learning experiences improve my leadership / my team’s leadership?

  1. Experiential learning circumvents cynicism by getting people moving and engaged with the material.
  2. Research shows that bodily involvement supports the brain to encode information faster.
  3. Our approach is rich in storytelling—proven to drive the most memorable learning.
  4. Practicing in partnership and in small groups ignites an emotional response—yet another feature of long-term retention.
  5. The best leaders engage with others in a way that is curious and rich in reciprocity.