Pathway – Team Practice

What is it?

To establish new patterns, we often need a guiding hand that keeps us true to our intent. Team practices are like team workouts with a Roy Group practitioner as your personal trainer, working in concert to build your leadership muscles. In each team practice session, your team will bring a challenge that needs their immediate attention. They will then be guided by Roy Group to use the skills developed during our learning experiences to address that challenge.

While the cadence of practice sessions is scheduled, the structure of the sessions unfold in the moment, according to the organizational issues that are relevant on the day we gather.

What’s the rationale behind it?

We say learning + practice = mastery. Changing the way you show up requires that you put in the work. That’s why we embed team practice into our learning pathways. It’s a chance to work with the skills introduced through our learning experiences using current topics that are relevant to your now. Because leaders need their tools in the moment: crisis doesn’t erupt on schedule and conflict doesn’t wait for you to book a time. Being able to access your tools at all times requires disciplined practice.

 How does practice improve my leadership / my team’s leadership?

  1. Inexperienced, competent and excellent lie along a spectrum. Dedicated practice moves your leaders from inexperienced through competent to excellent.
  2. Practicing with other leaders deepens accountability and increases opportunities for people to practice together in the workplace. This sets an incredible example for other people in your organization.
  3. The regular cadence and secure atmosphere of our practice sessions builds trust and opens people up to better learning.
  4. The practice sessions offer an ideal opportunity for leaders to work through real issues that they’re currently facing, assisted by other leaders who understand the language and tools.
  5. For an impactful precis on the value of repetition and practice, we cheekily suggest a night at the symphony.