Psychological Safety

Research shows that where you have psychological safety, you have high-performing and inclusive cultures. Psychological safety is about recognizing our common humanity, respecting others, and then working together in pursuit of meaningful contribution. When our humanity and vulnerability are rewarded, we bring a spirit of enthusiasm and contribution to our work. Innovation becomes possible, a sense of social and racial inclusion strengthens people’s trust, and teams grow more effective.

Clients who engage Roy Group to measure and improve psychological safety within their organizations:

  • learn what the term psychological safety means and why it matters;
  • reflect on the behavioural norms that you are modeling and reinforcing every day inside your organization and how they’re contributing to a felt culture;
  • work with a certified Roy Group practitioner in using the LeaderFactor™ assessment tool to establish a baseline of the Four Stages of Psychological Safety™ for your leadership team;
  • identify behaviours that cultivate and foster psychological safety and inclusion; and
  • devise a roadmap for your organization to support and maintain high levels of psychological safety.

What It Looks Like When People Engage This Learning

An organization’s culture is created by its leaders. Those who take this program will be able to clearly assess the level of psychological safety inside their organizations, and remove barriers / interference to performance. They will have a starting point to develop a plan for improving how their leaders and teams bring their finest contribution to the work their organization does.

Groups adding Psychological Safety to their Roy Group pathway to mastery will be more self-aware in terms of their conduct, influence and impact on those around them. With practice, these leaders will bring others along on the journey toward greater openness and cohesion, which results in higher trust and inclusion, greater loyalty to the organization, and a much stronger desire to play for each other.