The black-belt martial artist becomes so through the discipline and rigour of regular practice. And so it is with exceptional leaders. The Recharge is an integration event that builds on the learning and practice within our keystone learning experiences: The Leader’s Discipline™, Opportunity in Conflict™ and Focus on Self™. Prior to a Recharge, participants are expected to have applied and consistently practiced these learnings in their own leadership. The Recharge gives leaders an opportunity to deepen both their understanding and practice in a supervised setting, and receive real-time feedback on their performance from both their peers and our practitioners.

Through this dynamic and impactful experience, you will:

  • reflect on current successes and challenges you’ve faced in applying the theory and skills of the keystone Roy Group learning experiences;
  • share your learning and explore possible approaches in light of specific contextual features;
  • incorporate new understandings into your current leadership practice;
  • practice and integrate this learning in real time, surrounded by professional peers; and
  • set goals for further practice and integration.

What It Looks Like When Leaders Commit to Practicing Their Craft

We say leadership is a practice of practices. Learning and improvement only stick when leaders commit to the discipline of practicing their new tools and approaches. There is deep value in gathering with others in a supervised session to practice key leadership behaviours.

Rigorous practice confers ever-finer mastery by a leader over their conduct: deeper skill in sensing, guiding, and knowing what it is time for; more sophistication in using questions to unlock the potential inside others; living and modeling Henderson’s disciplines; curiosity and openness in thinking; acceptance, compassion and trust; and an ability to inspire others to make their finest contributions.