The Leader’s Discipline™

Demand for leaders who know how to coach properly has grown sharply in recent years, as people seek greater alignment in their work with purpose, contribution and self-development. As our keystone program, The Leader’s Discipline offers a comprehensive and immersive introduction to leading by coaching. Our facilitators introduce clear, detailed steps for how to harness higher quality and focus from your team through the powerful habits of inquiry, giving feedback, and creating ownership where it belongs.

In this immersive learning experience, you will:

  • learn immediately useful tools to increase employee performance and engagement;
  • build capacity for coaching emerging leaders and teams;
  • increase your confidence in giving and receiving feedback;
  • learn about the impact of personal conduct on the outcomes you create; and
  • practice tools that inspire and build trust across your teams, and across your organization.

What It Looks Like When People Master This Learning

The Leader’s Discipline equips leaders with tools to be better listeners, more reflective colleagues, and more skilled at giving feedback. Participants understand how to coach their peers, identify what’s getting in the way of someone’s greatness, and position others for greater performance, learning and engagement. Committing to using these tools and processes is key for them to be successful in your organization.

With practice, these leaders learn to recognize and manage the power of their conduct. They accept responsibility for outcomes, rather than placing blame. They approach workplace issues with curiosity and an openness to learning, rather than judgment.