The Leader’s Gift

Informed by the psychological constructs of zone of genius (Hendricks, 2009) and flow (Csikszentmihalyi, 1990), your leader’s gift is that capability or skill that you are uniquely good at in the world. Each leader’s gift is a capability they have possessed for years that makes them unstoppable in challenging contexts—and inspiring in every context. But we can’t always see our leader’s gift so clearly for ourselves. This program enables leaders to explicitly identify their leader’s gift so they can employ it more often. Being able to discern one’s own gift and the gifts of others helps people better appreciate each other’s talents and discover the combinations that create remarkable teams.

In this experience, you will:

  • identify scenes and hear from others about when your gift showed itself;
  • learn where your energy enters the flow state, offering peak creativity and engagement;
  • achieve clarity of purpose with an explicit statement describing your gift;
  • inventory your usual activities according to areas of incompetence, competence, excellence and genius, to support spending more time in alignment with your genius / gift;
  • support others on this journey of self-knowing.

How Things Change When People Apply Their Leader’s Gift:

Those who complete The Leader’s Gift have a clear sense of their finest contribution, and are better able to organize their time and focus for optimal outcomes. With the higher degree of self-awareness that understanding their gift brings, they are better able to direct their energies to the most purposeful ends.

Once people understand their leader’s gift, they get better at sensing and supporting other people’s gifts. This helps you assemble high-performance teams around projects, and it helps your leaders and managers to get their people working in the right areas.