The Leader’s Practice

Leaders need feedback to grow. When people are in the presence of good intelligence, they can make better choices. Information about their performance is no different. A 360 can help create a culture of intentional rigorous feedback within an organization and a team. Developed by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner over decades of research, the Leadership Practices Inventory® (LPI 360) tool gathers information from a leader and their team members relating to their behaviour, conduct and practice—all things that a leader can change in order to grow in their role and in their leadership.

In this assessment and debrief, you will:

  • be guided in how to select respondents to contribute to your LPI 360;
  • contribute feedback to other team members’ LPI 360 processes when asked;
  • assess the frequency with which you and your team members demonstrate 30 key leadership behaviours from five widely researched and statistically valid subsets;
  • review your 360 with our practitioners’ guidance to discern patterns in your behaviour and the practice of your leadership; and
  • engage in a thorough debrief with a qualified coach so you can identify behaviours you would like to change moving forward.

What Is Possible When People Engage The Leader’s Practice

Participants in The Leader’s Practice receive feedback from their peers, supervisors and direct reports that highlights areas of leadership competence and surfaces behaviours that might be getting in the way of their best performance. The process gives teams permission to embrace feedback rituals which, when practiced regularly, deliver powerful changes to organizational functioning.

In debriefing with a trained LPI 360 coach, participants will generate an action plan for improving those areas of their leadership that warrant focused attention. They will better understand the transformative change that is possible through expanding their competence in modeling the way for others, inspiring a shared vision, challenging the status quo, enabling others to act, and encouraging others to make their finest contribution.