The Leader’s Spark

Everything a team accomplishes hinges on the quality of each member’s self-awareness—a critical leadership competency. Powered by Lumina Spark portraits and team wheels, The Leader’s Spark promotes effective communication and collaboration by helping your team members understand their strengths and those of their colleagues, so they can improve working relationships. Practical and memorable, The Leader’s Spark helps your employees overcome differences by recognizing the value of diverse personalities, and increasing self-awareness around individual approaches.

In The Leader’s Spark, you will:

  • understand yourself at a deeper level, including how you respond to change / stress;
  • build awareness of your own strengths and those of others on your team;
  • learn to “read” others, which helps you adapt your behaviour to the situation;
  • develop acceptance and understanding among team members;
  • learn how to support team harmony and balance each other’s strengths.

What It Looks Like When People Gain This Awareness

The Leader’s Spark equips participants with tools to understand their own strengths, and the strengths of others. It’ll help them identify (and accept!) areas where they can learn from their team members, or lean on them to fill gaps.

Participants who engage with the learning in The Leader’s Spark are helped to communicate better, and have an understanding of their team’s dynamics during stress. They’ll better recognize the value of diversity in forming unstoppable teams, and will be equipped to influence their team positively.

With practice, participants can better access and deploy their own strengths at work. Their new lens on strengths and diversity can help them balance gaps on their team, and develop their direct reports’ strengths to get everyone working closer to their zone of genius—what we call their Leader’s Gift. Over time, and through continued application of these learnings, your leaders will be able to get their teams working together better, which translates to measurable impacts on the bottom line.