The Practice of Coaching™

As we move into a new way of working, people are looking for leaders who can support their personal development through coaching. Emerging leaders seek employers who are committed to helping them develop their strengths and use them in purposeful alignment with their work. Coaching fosters intentional conversations, collegiality, and a sense of team. The Practice of Coaching is a focused intensive designed to teach coaching skills through experience and practice.

In The Practice of Coaching, participants will:

  • explore the powerful influence of personal conduct in leadership;
  • observe and debrief a live coaching session in real time;
  • practice giving and receiving performance-related feedback;
  • work in trios to integrate key coaching approaches; and
  • understand how building capacity on their team relieves a leader’s own workload and creates space for them to lead and mentor others.

What It Looks Like When People Master This Learning

The Practice of Coaching equips leaders with tools to help others surface possibilities for improving their performance and engagement in the workplace. They understand how to use well-positioned questions to get other people unstuck, deliver feedback in a way that builds on performance, and position others for success.

With practice, these leaders will deepen their curious and nonjudgmental stance, understand how to ask powerful questions and recognize organic opportunities to engage coaching conversations.

A coaching approach to leadership results in much higher engagement and ownership, and helps distribute decision-making so things get done well without always having to be steered by managers / senior leadership. (You’ll notice a measurable drop in burnout.) With consistent application, the practice of coaching leads to foundational changes in an organization’s culture.