Tools of Engagement™

Tools of Engagement is a powerful program for leaders who seek to vanish ineffectual meetings and instead create space for meaningful conversations. Led by practitioners with decades of expertise in bringing groups together to tackle tough issues, this fun and memorable session loads you up with…well, tools, so that you can have more productive meetings, workshops and ideation sessions. The big win? When you’ve got effective approaches for hosting productive gatherings, you’re building a learning organization.

In this experience, you will:

  • learn how to expand a coaching approach from small teams to larger systems;
  • understand what a learning organization is (and why you definitely want one);
  • learn engaging alternatives to overused keynotes, panel forums and ineffective meetings;
  • learn practical ways to convene the necessary conversation with 5, 50 or 500 people;
  • gain an appreciation of how deeply and quickly humans learn through story; and
  • acquire effective approaches for communicating properly across silos.

What It Looks Like When People Master These Tools

Leaders who implement and practice these tools of engagement will immediately experience a positive change in how they bring people together. They will improve their ability to engage a diversity of voices in dialogue, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to contribute and feels heard. The tools elicit the innate problem-solving capabilities of the people in your organization.

With practice, these leaders will be able to capture attention through well-told stories that facilitate learning and knowledge transfer. Used consistently in tandem with a coaching approach, these engagement tools will shape your organization into a true learning organization—one that values personal initiative, innovation, collaboration, trust, and a sense of playing for each other.