Understanding Change

Did you know that the human brain has five times the space devoted to perceiving threat than to perceiving rewards? Given today’s environment of uncertainty and rapid change, it’s easy to see that our wiring gets in the way. This makes it hard for your organization to shift structures, adopt efficiencies, make progress despite ambiguity, and take the risks you know you must.

Understanding Change presents the neuroscience behind the way humans respond to change, and helps leaders make sense of the many ways people respond to it. Our change expert will guide you through a foundation-level understanding of fear, and provide tools for leaders to help their teams move through it productively—so that you can move good work forward, in agreement and excitement.

In this focused exploration, you will:

  • learn why people are often threatened by change;
  • understand the neurochemical cascade our brain releases under threat;
  • understand how this impacts our bodies, emotional state and decision-making;
  • learn tools for helping your people navigate the fear of uncertainty;
  • explore the latest neuroscience models that explain and normalize how people respond to change; and
  • determine how to work with your teams so people feel supported, less afraid and better equipped to respond to change.

What You’ll Be Equipped to Do After Understanding Change:

Leaders who know how the brain responds to threat (change) have more empathy when others react negatively to change. This ability to hold people in a space of acceptance is a powerful trust-builder. Equipped with a deeper knowledge of how our bodies react to threat, these leaders can guide others to identify ways to increase clarity and ownership so they can feel some sense of control.

After taking this program, leaders will also have better tools to manage their own emotions and responses. This is key in being able to set an example of conduct that engenders faith in the leadership’s decisions and direction.