Acknowledging the Work

Roy Group acknowledges the work that its clients and course participants do in the practice of leadership development, with Open Badges using the Credly certification program.

Roy Group Badges

Roy Group Open Badges highlight your achievements and provide you with a portfolio that gives the world deeper insight on what you are able to offer. We use Credly’s digital credentialing platform as a secure, verifiable way to issue and display the badges you earn. When you share your badges, you give others an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the theory, skills and strategies that you bring to your leadership practice.


Roy Group is awarding Open Badges to individuals who have completed one or more of our courses. The badges demonstrate that you recognize when it is time to coach or be coached; you know how to find opportunities in conflict and build cultures by using tools of engagement.

Our badges represent leaders who are self aware and choose to lead; leaders who can “occupy the ground,” “affect the field” and “create the story.” We have created Open Badges to acknowledge your investment, learning and practice…

“I commend Roy Group for choosing Open Badges to certify the skills and knowledge acquired at its learning events…

Roy Group has gained a high reputation for its practical way of developing leadership skills that people can retain and use successfully for years. It is now demonstrating its own leadership by using Open Badges to recognize formally the skills and experience that its clients acquire.”

– Sir John Daniel, O.C.

excerpted from “Badges: A Powerful Tool to Recognize Skill and Achievement” February 2014