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The Value of Rich Feedback

When a chef creates a new dish, she samples it several times along the way to ensure it’s turning out the way she envisioned. This is a simple example of seeking and receiving feedback. When a teacher works with a student to improve his essay writing, he provides feedback to the student around the content, structure and organization of the essay. It is through feedback that we learn.

Systems collapse in the absence of feedback. In this post, Accelerate Okanagan’s Joanna Schlosser reflects on the learnings her team extracted from The Leader’s Discipline™. She captures the value of providing rich feedback in the workplace, and the profound impact that feedback can have on other people.

When you keep the question centered on: How can we help each person thrive and excel? you quickly see that encouragement, paired with specific feedback, goes much farther than criticism. Telling people what they do well generally has the happy result of drawing forward more of the same, while providing feedback around how to hone those behaviours that are still in development offers a framework for growth.

Joanna’s post is a great reminder of how feedback can facilitate people working toward their full potential. Roy Group is honoured to be on the journey alongside Accelerate Okanagan on its quest for excellence.

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