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A Strong Steer

By Ian Chisholm In August 2004, I was alone on the Isle of Skye finishing my final month as the first CEO of the Columba 1400 International Leadership Centre. My wife and our three children had returned to Vancouver to stay with her mum and…
May 1, 2013 by Roy Group

The Journey

By Jared Smith Hang on, because the path to grow your business can be fraught with peril. This is just not a journey for the weak of heart. Last August, my executive team met with Roy Group for a two-day retreat. The purpose was to focus…
April 12, 2013 by Roy Group
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Conduct: Culture or Character?

By Mark Bell Recently, for whatever reason, I have been acutely tuned into and moved by small but big acts of compassion from people who have put themselves at the heart of a situation and offered their best to lead. These seem to be individuals…
March 1, 2013 by Roy Group
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Missed Opportunity: A Coaching Approach to Conflict

By Bradley Chisholm I think it is only human to look back on past experiences and feel regret about missed opportunities. I am pretty hard on myself, so I feel this way at times. I have also been able to see a common thread that binds many…
February 1, 2013 by Roy Group
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Practice: Letting Go Is Hard to Do – Shifting your professional practice to a practice of leadership

By Bradley Chisholm Imagine walking into the dressing room of the Team Canada Olympic hockey team, dragging Sidney Crosby out to the luge track, throwing him onto a sled and expecting him to win gold. We would never do it. We would never…
December 1, 2012 by Roy Group
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Belief: A Lesson from a Premier

By Bradley Chisholm A client recently asked me to help him ‘hone his listening skills’ – an action item from a tough 360 feedback report. I didn’t like this assignment; it felt superficial for some reason. Paying attention, eye contact,…
September 1, 2012 by Roy Group
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Mastery in Stereo

By Bradley Chisholm My business partner graciously arranged for my wife and I to take in a Lyle Lovett show in Victoria. There were no visual distractions, no opening band and no gimics. After an 8 word introduction on the microphone - Lyle…
July 29, 2012 by Roy Group
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Forcing It: Does It Always Have to Be Difficult?

By Bradley Chisholm I love watching the Olympics – mastery, commitment and human potential on international display.  It was not the typical events that caught my attention this year, however.  I watched the Women’s Canoe Slalom –…
July 1, 2012 by Roy Group

Executive Coaching: The Gemini Project

By Bob Chartier It is mid afternoon and Bob, an executive vice president of a well known high tech company must decide what strategy to take in upcoming negotiations around a major international deal. He has scheduled a session with his ‘coach’…
February 17, 2012 by Roy Group